Nursery Fees


effective from 1st September 2022, Direct telephone number – 01625 432742

The Nursery is open all the year round, with the exception of Bank Holidays and the Christmas period. It caters for children aged from 6 months to 5 years.  The Nursery charges are as follows:


Under 2’s

Over 2’s




Half Day



Weekly Rate



Before/After Care

£6.50 per hour

£6.50 per hour

Lunch & Snacks



Fees are inclusive of lunch, drinks, snacks; also nappies, wipes & creams


The cost per session is as stated above, no reductions are given for late arrivals.  If a child is not collected at the end of a session, say 12.30.p.m., then a charge will be made based on the after care tariff i.e. £6.50 per hour or part of an hour. 

Free Early Education Entitlement (Nursery Grant)

Beech Hall Nursery is registered to apply for both the ‘Universal Funding’ (up to 15 Hours) and the ‘Extended Funding’ (up to 30 Hours) on behalf of parents. The funding entitlement covers State School’s term time periods for 38 weeks per year.


For full details of our Nursery Fees and Payment Terms, please download our Nursery Fee Document  below

Nursery Fee Document  Nursery Fees September 2022