Kung Hei Fat Choi

"Kung Hei Fat Choi" to everyone!  All of the nursery children have been celebrating the Chinese New year in their own individual ways. 
The Elm room children have been playing with noodles and rice and painting with chopsticks.  They have enjoyed a trip to Tesco's to buy some Chinese food to try at snack time whilst the Oak room children have already sampled some delicious oriental dishes and even made 'coolie' hats with sparkly glitter and shiny paper. 
In the Yew room, the children have explored chopsticks, bowls and scoops with rice.  They have also tasted egg fried rice, noodles and prawn crackers which were well received. 
The Ash room children have been ordering food in their Chinese restaurant, they have used woks to 'cook' the noodles and rice and delivered the orders to their friends.  The children have listened to Chinese style music and danced like dragons.  They made hats to wear at their Chinese banquet where prawn crackers were the most popular dish of the day!
Stars  Elm Fara Owolabi
          Oak  Emilien Dubiez
          Yew Rose Stapleton
          Ash   Skye Jones