The day Elmer came to play



This week in the nursery we have had a 'Pancake Extravaganza'! 


The Elm room children have enjoyed a walk to the shops to buy baking ingredients, they have made pancake pictures by sprinkling sugar on pancake shapes.  They have also been looking at their favourite books and rhymes for World Book Day. 


The Oak room have been tossing pancakes into the air and trying to catch them.  The children have brought their favourite books from home to share at storytime which has been delightful as the children clearly know these books inside out. 


In the Yew room, the children have decorated pancakes with delicious chocolate, strawberries, bananas, lemon and sugar; a veritable feast of fillings! They have drawn pancake shapes practising their pencil control and painted pancakes at the easel. 


The Ash room children have printed with lemons, tasted lemons, counted pancakes and matched pans and pancakes.  They loved mixing their own pancakes with flour and water and enjoyed the smell of cut lemons in water. 


Everyone was a winner in our pancake race and we nearly had a few pancakes stuck on the ceiling when we tossed our pancakes.  Everyone is excited about dressing up for World Book Day and even the staff will be joining in so keep a look out for Gangster Grannie, Where's Wally and Matilda!


Stars  :  Elm: Lucas AS

             Oak: Benjamin P

             Yew: Annabel L

             Ash: Hugo B